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Daniel Hoyt 
Guitar and Piano

Daniel Hoyt (Dan) is a 4thsemester student at Berklee College of Music. Dan began his journey in music when his parents bought him his first guitar at the age of just seven. From that early start, Dan has had formal instruction for guitar, piano and drums and picked up bass and vocals in his spare time along the way. Dan has previously taught children guitar, piano and songwriting at a camp in Decatur, MI called the Lake of the Woods and Greenwoods Camps. Dan has also taught a few private instruction students in addition to that. 



Outside of school and work, Dan can be found writing songs and performing with his pop-punk/alt-rock band, "Business Class ’98. " Together, the band has recorded a full 10 song album with, which was released to all major platforms in January of 2019. Dan is also the bassist and vocalist for an indie rock group called "Banner Season."



With more of a focus on contemporary music, Dan is a an energetic and versatile musician who loves working with students and is always excited to teach!!!

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