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Zishi Liu

Saxophone, Piano & Composition 
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Zishi Liu is a Boston-based saxophonist, composer, and consultant. While at  Berklee, he studied with jazz titans such as George Garzone, Hal Crook, and  David Liebman. In his final year, Zishi was awarded funding to organize and  embark on a tour of China, playing with his quartet at universities and  

cultural centers.  

His childhood coincided with a pivotal moment in 90s Asian pop music. As  China reopened to the West, Chinese musical culture rapidly redefined itself,  synthesizing Western pop harmonies and R&B stylings with the lyricality and  sentiment of Chinese ballads. This taught Zishi the possibilities of combining  familiarity with foreign to create something compelling and new. 

Zishi’s music seeks to create and resolve new tensions between familiar and  foreign themes. It elaborates on the melancholic aspects of Coltrane's later  work—which incorporates Eastern concepts of meditation and emptiness— serves as a departure point for his music. Zishi is active in the world of music  both as a performer and as an entrepreneur/social organizer. He has been  orchestrating the recording and streaming broadcast of his church's worship  music in order to sustain and rebuild the community during the pandemic.  

Besides music, Zishi keeps eyes wide open on variety topics, such as food  hunting, outdoor activities, espanol, travel.  

Zishi is fluent in Mandarin and English.

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